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 Win $20 Cash Find The Magic Word And Send To Jonathan's In Comment Below 
  Daily Specials 

                               Monday                                    Tuesday 
                  Flounder Fish Fry on Bun $5     Baked Ziti w/Mozzarella $5 
Fresh Haddock Fish Fry   $6     Lasagna Stuffed w/ Meat $6

                    Wednesday                        Thursday 
            Capellini with Meatball     $5      Manicotti w/ Marinara    $5
            Fish and Chip Platters       $6      Italian Mixed Sub/Hero  $6
                            Meatball w/ Mozzarella  Sub/Hero $5
                            Two Cheese Slices and 32 oz. Soda  $6
                                Eat In or Take Out - Delivery Add 75 cts Each Item $15 Minimum
                          Find The Magic Word And Win $20.Cash

           [ M] [P] [JM] [O] [N] [M] [I] [K] [Y] [U ]  !
          [A] [Y] [O] [T] [X] [Q] [O] [A] [G] [C]  !
           [P] [M] [B] [B] [X] [N] [M] [O] [V] [E]  !
           [P] [E] [E][A] [M] [E] [R] [I] [C] [A][N]!
          [L] [G] [T] [R][W] [G] [G] [O][R][G][E]!
            [E] {S] [O] [R][I][P] [P] [V] [I] [C][T] [A]
              [T][R][O][O][P][C][C][A][M] [E] [I] [O] !


     Rules & Regulations:
Rule # One - Only one winner per week. Yes $20.00
Rule # Two this game will expire within one month.
           Rule #Three - we guarantee to give away at least $80 Cash
                   Regulations:  If you like? bring Slip to store must be in by Friday
                   Regulations Tips: No four letter words to be a winner -1 Winner
Regulation & Final Hint: Winning word from 5 to 10
                      Final Rule and/or Regulation -  Word can be vertical straight etc.
                One winner to be announced every Thursday…..$20.00 Cash
                            Again - Word can be in any order but will touch each letter --------Go!
              Jonathan’s Pizza 31 North Pearl St 463-5100
    Please but your answer "word" in comment box below and send to us...good luck!

                                          New Items -  Fish Fry - Onion Rings - Cheddar Cheese - Hot Dogs
                                                 Fish Fry - Fish n' Chips - Beef Hot Dogs!!!      
                        Fresh Haddock Fish Fry's-Fish n' Chip Platter w/Onion Rings
                                    Fish Fry's Flounder or Haddock on a Bun and Hot Dog Roll
                                               All Beef or Imported German Hot Dogs

                                                                           Full Menu
                                   The Best Pizza Ever - Just Ask A Friend!!!
         Old Fashion Utica Pizza Slice    $2.25 - Jumbo 3 Cheese Salami Pizza Slice $2.25

 White w/ Broccoli Garlic & Oil $2.75  -Two Jumbo Cheese & 17 oz Soda     $5.75

         Ten Cut Three Cheese Pizza W/ Imported Italian Genoa Salami Loaded   $15.00     
                        Homemade Manicotti or Meat Lasagna 
                                                     Call 463-5100 For Free Delivery

Best New York City Pizza Slice                                            

                      Best Cheese Slice Ever $2.25 ---- Pepperoni or Salami Slice $2.50

      Two Topping Slice   
$2.75 * White Broccoli.     $2.75  * Chix Ranch Bacon.   $2.75
      Whole Indy Pizza      $4.75 
* Pepperoni Square $2.50  * Sicilian Square Slice  $2.25

                                                                    Toppings Extra Charge.
See Our TV Commercial  Below Featuring "Me" 

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                                                            * Whole Pizza's Italian *

 Individual feeds  1  Small Six Cut feeds 2/3  Medium Eight Cut feeds 3/4  Large 10 Cut feeds 4/5

                 $9.95                         $12.95                              $14.95

                       12 Cut Sicilian Square feeds 5/6 -- 24 Cut Party Pizza Square feeds 8/10  
                                                  $15.95                                                 $24.95
                                                          Toppings Extra:  From $1.25 to $3.50 Each

                                                                        Gourmet Pizza's 

            Six Cut
feeds 2/3  $12  -  Eight Cut feeds 3/4  $15 -  Ten Cut feeds 4/5  $17

       * Tomato & Bacon with Ranch Dressing       * The Works:  Choice of Any Four Items

         * Vegetarian Pizza w/Choice of  5 Veggies     * White Pizza w/ Broccoli Garlic Olive Oil  

         * Meatza Pizza. Ham, Meatballs & Bacon    * Buffalo Chicken  w/ Blue Cheese & Mozz

* Calzones  Peppy Ham & Cheese ... $6.00    * Rolls: Sausage - Broccoli, Stromboli  $6.00

Toppings  Extra From $1.25 to $3.50 Each

       Finger Licking Good Juicy Beef Burgers & Homemade Nuggets & More

             Texas Cheese Burger $5.75       Cheese Burger Regular $3.75   Hamburger 100% Fresh Beef $3.50

                     French Fries Large   $2.75    Sweet Potato Fries   $4.50    Mozzarella Sticks       $5.75
                     Baked Ziti Italiano$ $5.95    Fish Fry's Flounder $4.95   All Beef Hot Dogs       $2.75
                     Cappelini Marinara   $4.95    Hamburger n Fries  $5.25   Texas Burger n Fries $7.50

                    Wings low calories Oven Baked  no frying  0. 98 each - Butter Garlic  Knots  0.99 each

                                                             Soups & Salads                                                             

  Salads, Antipasto's, Chef Salads, Pasta Fagioli and New England Clam Chow
Pasta Fagioli and New England Clam Chowder are Homemade $4.75 each.  

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We reserve the rights to change or cancel prices,  games, or lotteries without notice. See home page. "Visit All Pages"

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      We also reserve the right to change prices without any notice.  
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